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Child Support

Experienced Child Support Attorney Serves Texans

For more than 20 years, we have provided family law clients with aggressive, yet compassionate representation. We have an in-depth understanding of the new child support guidelines in Texas. We are well-prepared to carefully explain the calculations in plain English, so you clearly understand your legal rights.

At the Law Office of John Millard, P.C., we will make sure you are treated fairly in child support determinations. We have a strong background working with forensic accounts to discover hidden assets, while helping you fully account for your debts and assets. Contact us today to put us to work in protecting your future.

Protecting Clients with Child Support Needs

Mr. Millard is a trial lawyer with a strong background handling complicated divorce cases. He understands emotions often escalate in contested divorce - his top priority is helping clients cut through emotional barriers, while helping clients understand Texas' child support guidelines.

Previously, people manipulated their withholdings to make their income look less with the goal of paying a lower amount of child support. This changed September 1, 2009 when child support guidelines became clear around specific factors, such as:

  • Parent time
  • Day care costs
  • Children's best interests
  • Children's medical and education needs
  • Child support obligations to another child

Generally, child support continues until your child graduates high school or turns 18-years-old. The court recognizes the need to modify child support when substantial changes occur in a parent's life. For example, a parent might be available to provide day care after losing his or her job. This would affect how much child support he or she pays each month. We have a strong background protecting clients with child support and custody modifications - we are well-prepared to be your advocate.

Child Support Enforcement Help in Ford Bend County

Parents with primary custody of children want a support order that makes sense for their situation, and assurance that enforcement options are available. Non-custodial parents need to understand their financial obligations and how to seek modifications when situations change. We are committed to protecting clients' relationships with their children, while helping them understand their child's best interests.

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